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The template files below allow you to build your own paper torso from A4 sheets of paper/card. The torso is life size and acts as a container for the organs.

To ensure accuracy and strength the torso has been designed with a layered approach. Detailled instructions guide you through the 700+ steps of the assembly process. The process is not difficult but time consuming. Before starting on the torso I would suggest you build the organs first. Paper should be at least 150g/m².

  The outer part is constructed from the layers 'ts', 'ta' and 'tb':
 Download:  ts Layer (pdf - 55 pages)
ta Layer (pdf - 22 pages)
tb Layer (pdf - 21 pages)
The inner part is constructed from the layers 'x', 'y' and 'z':
 Download:  x Layer (pdf - 11 pages)
y Layer (pdf - 11 pages)
z Layer (pdf - 3 pages)
Where inner and outer parts meet, layer 'x' connects to 'ts'.

Instructions: Steps 000 to 249

Instructions: Steps 250 to 499

Instructions: Steps 500 to 731
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